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Neuroendocrine transdifferentiation of prostate carcinoma cells and its prognostic significance Madalina Marcu, E. Radu, Maria Sajin Neuroendocrine NE cells are a distinct epithelial cell compartment of the normal human prostate gland. Their phenotype and range of endocrine secretion products are similar, but not identical to those of NE-like cells from prostate carcinoma. Neuroendocrine differentiation NED is a feature commonly seen in prostate carcinoma and a number of studies pointed out that its extent is associated to hormone therapy refractory and aggressive disease.

However, less information is available on the significance of NED in organ-confined prostate cancer, although identification of early predictors of aggressive disease would obviously allow for more adequate therapy. We review here recent advances in understanding the differentiation pathways of normal and malignant neuroendocrine cells as well as current information regarding the prognostic and therapeutic implication of Endocrine cancer prevalence assessment.

The value of kidney biopsy in diabetes mellitus M. Penescu, E. Mandache The purpose of this work is to emphasize the value of kidney biopsy in patients with diabetes mellitus and clinical renal impairment.

Multiple genetic predisposing conditions are involved in the development or not of a diabetic nephropathy, therefore supporting the existence of several factors in the pathogenesis of this disease.


These predisposing conditions may also favor different other types of glomerulonephritis which can occur independently or in endocrine cancer prevalence with a diabetic nephropathy. All these renal diseases have din ce apar papiloamele treatments, and therefore they must be correctly identified and managed accordingly.

The processing of the kidney biopsy samples requires a very careful and highly qualified management to differentiate precisely the nature of each condition. In addition to the mesangial classical lesions, recent biopsy studies provided evidence that podocytes are injured very early in the diabetic nephropathy. On the other hand, transgenic mice models provide a unique opportunity to investigate the natural course of the disease.

The paper underlines the main laboratory techniques required for this activity, and the main structural arguments to perform a satisfactory differential diagnosis.

Sinaptofizină pozitiv Plămânul este un loc comun de răspândire a tumorilor aflate în alte părți ale corpului. Cancerele secundare sunt clasificate în funcție de locul de origine; de exemplu, cancerul la sân care s-a răspândit la plămân se numește cancer de sân metastatic. De cele mai multe ori, metastazele se prezintă sub o formă rotundă în cadrul radiografiei toracice.

Chronic complications in hemodialysis: correlations with primary renal endocrine cancer prevalence I. Checherita, Flavia Turcu, R.

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Dragomirescu, A. Ciocalteu Although hemodialysis technique has improved in the last decades and the accessibility to this life-sustaining treatment modality increased rapidly, we are still concerned about the morbidity and mortality rates of dialysis patients. While technical advances are increasing the efficacy and safety of renal replacement therapies, latest studies are focused on other outcomes: increasing survival rates and the quality of life by an adequate management of the complications in chronic renal patients.

This article reviews the complications of chronic hemodialysed patient with special considerations for the role of the primary renal disease that caused renal failure. Izvernariu, M. Raica Renal carcinomas endocrine cancer prevalence a heterogeneous group of tumors, difficult to classify and identify precisely.

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Since their prognosis depends very much upon their type, precise diagnosis might mean the difference between therapeutic success and patient death. Cytokeratins are endocrine cancer prevalence useful for the identification of the epithelial nature of the tumors, because their expression is maintained even in poorly differentiated tumors.

Monoclonal cytokeratins such as CK7 and CK20 stain different components of the renal tubular system and are a useful duo for the identification of the origin of the different tumors that might arise in the kidney. Clear cells carcinomas had the less percentage of positive cells, whereas papillary carcinomas were positive in seven out of eight cases. No difference in the staining pattern was noticed between type I and type II papillary parazitii praf. CK20 was negative in all cases studied.

Panduru, D. Cimponeriu, M.

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Cruce, Daniela Adriana Ion, E. Mota, Maria Mota, C. Chivu, A. Covic Diabetic nephropathy is a major complication of type 1 diabetes whose pathogenesis is insufficiently known, but oxidative stress and genetic susceptibility seem to be involved. There have been enrolled unrelated patients, having type 1 diabetes, divided into group A patients with diabetic nephropathy - macroalbuminuria or ESRD End Stage Renal Disease and group B patients without diabetic nephropathy.

The statistical analysis has been made using De Finetti's program. This study shows the association of a mutant C-allele of rs polymorphism in SOD1-gene with the advanced stages of diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes in Romania, suggesting the involvement of the defense against oxidative stress, as an important link in the pathogeny of diabetic nephropathy.

Pavai, Zsuzsanna Pap, K. Orban-Kis, T. Szilagyi Inhibition in the central nervous system is largely mediated by local-circuit neurons that release GABA gamma-amino-butyric acid. GABAA-receptors play a major role in virtually all brain physiological functions and serve as targets for numerous classes of drugs, used both in clinical practice and as research tools.

These receptors are heteropentamers, alpha1 being the most widely occurring subunit; therefore it is the best candidate to be studied in pathological conditions where the endocrine cancer prevalence system might be altered e. Endocrine cancer prevalence probe was used in order to avoid detection of non-specific amplification products and synaptophysin as internal control.

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This substance was chosen because it has a stable expression restricted to neurons, and contrary to GAPDH, the most commonly used reference gene for expression analysis, synaptophysin expression is not modified in animal models of epilepsy.

Expression of synaptophysin was higher than expression of GABAAR-alpha1 in all samples from the central nervous system. The latter was significantly different among the studied brain areas. It was the smallest in the hippocampus, intermediate in the neocortex and the highest in the cerebellum. Interanimal differences were small for any brain region under study.

Capitanescu, Cristiana Simionescu, A. Stepan, Cl. Margaritescu, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, Anca Rosu In this paper, we studied 15 cases of early rheumatoid arthritis presenting with inflammatory lesions in different endocrine cancer prevalence of evolution.

We want to highlight B- and T-lymphocytes in synovial tissue collected from patients diagnosed with early rheumatoid arthritis, to establish the pattern of their distribution, possibly in relation to local neovascularisation to determine the role played by these types of cells.

Fibroepithelial papilloma other term endocrine cancer prevalence samples were represented by synovial membrane biopsy fragments, which were examined by histopathological and immunohistochemical methods.

We noticed a perivascular distribution of lymphocyte infiltrate, up to formation of lymphoid follicles with germinal centers. There is a close interdependence between B- and T-lymphocytes in these lesions, and their presence in the synovial membrane in relation to newly formed blood vessels facilitates their action and their chemical mediators.

Studying endocrine cancer prevalence interdependence of different types of lymphocytes and their connection with blood vessels may generate new therapeutic targets Corresponding author: Bogdan Capitanescu, University Assistant, MD, PhD, e-mail: bogdanc26 yahoo.

Neurodegenerative changes in human aging brain. An autopsy study D.


Arsene, Carmen Ardeleanu Neurodegenerative pathological changes are known as occurring in human brain, in some way paralleling aging. We characterized prospectively the occurrence of cortical senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in 55 adult human subjects, by post-mortem examination.

We tried to determine if aging is associated with greater senile plaque and neurofibrillary tangles burden and what is the cortical distribution of endocrine cancer prevalence, regardless the mental status of the patient.

The series comprised a large spectrum of ages, from 30 to year-old. Immunohistochemistry for amyloid-beta Abeta and tau protein was the technique we used. ApoE genotyping was performed in 33 cases by polymerase chain reaction.

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In our series brain Abeta deposition as senile plaques occurred only after year-old. These accumulations were strongly endocrine cancer prevalence with the occurrence of neurofibrillary tangles. However, several very old patients were lacking both beta-amyloid and tau-positive lesions. As a result, even though Abeta and tau protein show verme oxiurus medicamento certain predilection for brain deposition in elder people, their relationship with aging still needs further endocrine cancer prevalence, mostly in human subjects.

The recesses of the retro-tympanum A. Material and Methods: Thirty-seven cadaver temporal bones were examined through the anterior dissection approach. The opening was enlarged by drilling to allow a good microscopic anthelmintic root meaning rigid endoscopic view to the retro-tympanum. Measurements of the recesses were made with gradually millimeter wire, dial micrometric indicator comparator clockvarious right angled picks and sometimes by means of cast-impression - used in stomatology for dental impression interior configuration.

Results: Out of 37 specimens, we have found PTS in For FR, we have found four types. The most constant cell, located in the inferior external part of FR and in the same time, the biggest one was suprapyramidal Sappey's fossa, which we have found in Sinus entrance of each recess was very variable, but in the most cases, we have found that the long diameter of ST and LTS was usually directed vertically and of PTS usually horizontally.

The deeper recess was ST - 2. In many cases, the inner configuration of each sinus endocrine cancer prevalence irregular, presenting either small recesses 0.

Conclusions: Presence of the all four recess is not a rule. Marked variation in the size and shape and especially in the internal configuration of all recesses is a rule. All recesses of the retro-tympanum can be recognized more easily, if we identify at first all elements of positive projection pyramidal eminence, chordal ridge, styloid eminence, styloid ridge, pyramidal ridge, suprapyramidal ridge, ponticulus, subiculum. Mucin is not a rare finding in rosacea A.

Fernandez-Flores Mucin deposit is a feature that is not commonly mentioned in textbooks when talking about rosacea. Nevertheless, it is one of the prominent findings of a severe variant of the phymatous type of rosacea known as endocrine cancer prevalence fibrous type.

We retrospectively investigated 20 cases of early stages of rosacea and examined the mucin deposit in them, with histochemical stains Alcian Blue and Periodic Acid-Schiff. Alcian Blue positive deposits of mucin were found in all cases with granulomas. The mucin was located in the granulomas four cases as well as in the infundibulum one case.

No deposits of mucin were evidenced in the dermis out of the granulomas, apart from the normal mucin of papillary and adventicial dermis. Periodic Acid-Schiff did not show any deposits in any endocrine cancer prevalence. Serologic lupus markers were negative in all patients with mucin deposits. We conclude that: a mucin is a common finding in granulomas of rosacea; b this mucin is probably not related to any progression to the mucinous variant of rhinophyma; c since discoid cum un adult poate scăpa de viermi lupus is a clinical differential of rosacea, it is important to be aware of the fact that mucin is a common finding in the granulomas, in order not to misdiagnose both entities.

Eloae Zugun, E. Tarcoveanu, E. Twenty cases of colorectal liver metastases have been studied, endocrine cancer prevalence eight with recurrent metastases occurred after a previous treatment by thermonecrosis group 1 and 12 with primary metastases treated exclusively by surgery group 2. The cases were investigated by routine histopathological exam and by immunohistochemistry, using CD3, CD20 and CD68 antibodies.

The design of the study envisages a comparative qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the B- and T-lymphocytes and macrophages inside the tumor and at the interface between liver parenchyma and tumor. Student's t-test was used for all statistical comparisons.

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  • Its in situ stage is lentigo maligna LM.

The qualitative exam revealed, for both groups, the presence of an important T-lymphocyte, and respectively B-lymphocyte cell population at the interface between the tumor and the liver parenchyma, the number of intratumoral cells being extremely reduced.

Grigoras Tie2 is a member of receptor endocrine cancer prevalence kinases family, involved in vasculogenesis and angiogenesis. Its main role is to stabilize, maintain, and facilitate the structural adaptation of the vasculature, during embryo development, and adult wound healing, or tumor development.

Tissues from human embryos found in different stages of development 5 and 7-week-oldwere investigated for Tie2 expression. The reaction was positive, with maximum intensity in the vascular cords, found in the mesenchymal tissue, and in the connective tissue around the primitive spinal cord.

In the 7-week-old embryo, the reaction was negative in large blood vessels, and it was heterogeneous endocrine cancer prevalence those showing bridging phenomenon. In conclusion, during the first two months of human embryo development, we have concurrent vasculogenesis, angiogenesis, and blood vessel maturation and stabilization. Clinicopathologic features and five years endocrine cancer prevalence analysis in molecular subtypes of breast cancer Dana Carmen Zaha, Elena Lazar, Codruta Lazureanu Purpose.

In the last years, the incidence of breast cancer has been increasing; characteristic patterns of gene expression have emerged, reflecting molecular differences between previously known as well as newly defined subtypes of breast cancer. This study aimed to classify the molecular subtypes of breast cancers based on the expression profile of immunohistochemical markers and to evaluate their association with clinicopathological features.

Material and Methods. A total of cases of breast carcinoma were examined retrospectively using immunostains for estrogen receptor Cancer infome hodgkin receptor PRhuman epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER2.

The luminal endocrine cancer prevalence was the most common subtype in breast cancer HER2 subtype were 2. Basal type is presented largely in premenopausal women and displayed aggressive features, such as large tumor size and poorly differentiated cancers. HER2-type was more frequent in premenopausal women and showed a high percentage of positive lymph nodes. These molecular differences have been shown to correlate very well with clinical features and survival, or even better than traditional histopathological parameters.

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The discovery of certain molecular characteristics of breast cancers has helped us to understand better the pathophysiology of disease and to develop more direct therapeutic strategies. Histological changes in the kidneys of experimental diabetic rats fed with Momordica charantia bitter gourd extract S.

Acta Marisiensis - Seria Medica Volume 62 Issue 1 ()

Teoh, Azian Abd Latiff, S. Das Momordica charantia MC or bitter gourd is widely known for its antidiabetic properties. The aim of the present study was to observe the protective effect of MC extract on the kidneys endocrine cancer prevalence streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. The study comprised parazit în creier three groups i.

Both the kidneys were collected on the tenth day following treatment. Endocrine cancer prevalence kidneys of the diabetic rats showed thickening of the basement membrane of the Bowman's capsule, edema and hypercellurarity of the proximal tubules, necrosis and hyaline deposits. These features were found to be reversed when the MC extract was administered to the experimental animals. The MC extract acted as an antioxidant thereby preventing the oxidative damage involved in the diabetic kidney.

The administration of MC extract prevents oxidative damage in diabetic nephropathy. Histopathological aspects of benign mesenchymal tumors located in "high risk areas" of the tongue A. Fronie, Cristiana Simionescu, V. Vasca, Daniela Dumitrescu, Anca Simona Fronie Although a series of premalignant or potentially malignant lesions are described in the tongue, there are many other lesions whose potential of degeneration can be determined by a prolonged action of irritant or carcinogenic factors.

Even if they are practically considered to be harmless, benign formations of mesenchymal origin with lingual location represent in the same time a neoplastic lesion under the influence of local and general endocrine cancer prevalence, for a variable period of time. When these structures are endocrine cancer prevalence in major risk areas from the oral cavity and in particular, those directly related to the tongue, special attention should be paid to their development. In this study conducted on a total of 16 cases of benign mesenchymal malignancieswe planned a histopathological evaluation of surgical excision samples obtained from interventions on lingual neoplasias, and harvested from areas with the highest risk for lingual cancer development pelvilingual groove, the base of the tongue and the insertion of the anterior pillar in order to assess the histopathological aspects in different types of lesions and the possible presence of degenerative changes.